Saturday, October 03, 2015

Rain, Go Away!

It's rained so much in the past two (or maybe three) weeks in Georgia that everything is green--including things that are not supposed to be green, such as buildings and people (we're mildewed behind the ears). Mushrooms are appearing everywhere, even in yards where they would never previously have reared their porous heads, displaying  unprecedented fungal chutzpah at a time when one cannot step on the lawn to pluck them lest one sink to one's ankles in mire.  This morning as I drove out of my neighborhood, I saw scattered remnants of a cluster of toadstools that had been furiously battered by the pointy tip of a golf umbrella (wielded from the safety of the sidewalk by the irate homeowner), but aside from these isolated incidents, most shrooms are flourishing unmolested.

This weekend we were supposed to get 6 inches of rain. Six inches. Six more inches! The ground was and is unable to absorb any more. Where is it all going to go? To me the term "flash flooding" is a misnomer hereabouts--what we have is incremental, inexorable flooding, not a sudden rush of water surging over quickly saturated soil, but puddles and rivers and drains that have been growing for a fortnight and can't but overflow.

All Saturday morning, a fine mist fell, and the sky was a flat pale gray. My mother urged me to check the road conditions before I left for North Carolina, and I found nothing amiss, so I departed Augusta about 1 pm. There wasn't torrential rain at any point, so the trip went smoothly. As I was leaving town, my brother Bob texted me to ask if he could spend the night at my house, as downtown Charleston appears to be submerged, and he couldn't return home for the time being. One of these days, I'll be in town when he comes to visit!

I plan to continue on to DC after church tomorrow. Monday I will be with a friend who is having surgery. We start work on another estate sale this Tuesday. Saturday, I am supposed to staff a booth at a craft fair for Anita – the fair was supposed to be this weekend, but was postponed due to weather, and she's already got another fair scheduled for next weekend! 

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