Tuesday, November 10, 2015

It's A Long Way To Richmond

...whichever way you're headed on 95. Flying to Europe takes less time than my drive to and from Washington, DC, though last night I only made one stop, realizing that with crutches more pauses really weren't feasible. It rained the entire trip. I love Interstate driving at night, but in the rain? Not so much. And at times it was really coming down--so heavily around Columbia, SC, that other motorists had on their hazard flashers and I wondered how long it would be until the rivers were over the bridges again.

I am a lazybones in general, but the forced inactivity of having to elevate my left leg due to a chipped   anklebone (and much swollen tissue around it) makes me stir-crazy! The bruise has spread out over the top and sides of my foot, making it purple and puffy under the laced and velcroed black miniboot, but the injury really doesn't hurt that much. The perverse thing about this general lack of discomfort is that I am often tempted to put weight on that side instead of relying on the crutches--and that just exacerbates the swelling.

Tonight, I made my first run of branded gisaeng pendants. I designed and ordered a branding iron of this motif from my brother's company so I could create K-drama themed jewelry. The moment of truth arrived--the tool plugged into the wall and resting on a hot plate, my first earring blank taped to a cardboard-covered work surface next to it. Despite several practice brands on scrap, I still managed to mess up probably 30 wood focals as the iron temperature fluctuated and my hands shook at the last second of application. Still, I came out with six workable prints, got out my oil paints and set to work carefully coloring in the lines of the hanboks and hats. I think they came out fairly well for prototypes. After the paint dries, I plan to sign, date and varnish them, then put them on silver chains. I'm not throwing away the ones I messed up – I plan to decoupage another drama-related designs over the deficient gisaengs. I plan to sell these online, and at least recoup the material costs of my creativity!

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