Friday, January 01, 2016

Welcome 2016!

My Десятка [a (group of) 10: Russia being on the metric system, they don't have dozens, which is rather a pity] goals for last year included some outright impossibilities (or rather, high improbabilities), including the translation of all the materials I'd gathered so far for what would have been my dissertation, and the flipping of a freshly-discovered Picasso into not just solvency but wealth. I am delighted to report, however, that there were a few entries on the list which were not only possible, but which were achieved! Successes: I am to begin a new job--a full-time job!--this coming Monday. Several chapters of the book I painstakingly co-translated are in the possession of a literary agent who agreed to read them prior to the Christmas break. I may not have sold three dozen of my lamps (I didn't keep a strict tally), but I sold quite a few, and more of other things that hadn't even occurred to me as available and sellable at the beginning of the past year. While I'm not sure that my blog following has expanded to the degree and to the acclaim that I would not-so-secretly wish, I have received good verbal feedback that assures me of a strong core of regular readers. I WAS able to go abroad this year (with a practical educational purpose) thanks to the generosity of relatives and friends who contributed to the cost of my air ticket to Prague. I am so grateful! And, finally, I was fairly diligent about getting to the gym; though I am still unable to accomplish a single pull-up, and I certainly would never pose for a swimsuit publicity shot, I feel good.

Goals and/or dreams for 2016, in no particular order:

1. A nice cat to whom I am not allergic will identify and adopt me.

2. The literary agent will like the book, agree to represent it, and find the perfect publisher to issue it.

3. I will finish drafting at least one novel.

4. I will attend a K-pop concert (totally entertaining!).

5. I will get to act as an extra on a film set.

6. I will love my new job, my employer and coworkers will like me, and I will get a raise at the end of the year!

7.  At least one of my atheist/agnostic friends will become a Christian.

8. I will get to go abroad again, do something useful, and have a great and bloggable adventure.

9. Regular gym workouts and quiet times will lead to real observable physical and spiritual fitness.

10. I will somehow manage to save enough money to replace my car (which should approach, if not surpass, 250,000 miles on the odometer by the end of the year).

Only 364 days left!

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