Sunday, May 15, 2016


My memory continues to get worse, and rotten nights of sleep don't help it any. I've been planning to call my friend Anita for a week. But last weekend, her little boy – like all small mobile petri dishes of about his age – managed to infect her with some sort of germ,  and so she wasn't available to talk. So, we scheduled for Tuesday evening, when I was supposed to call. But I totally forgot about it. Then, I had all day Friday to phone her, but I'd had such a horrible night's sleep Thursday night, it slipped my mind that day too. If we hadn't known one another for so long, I do believe she would think that I was one of those faux friends that a recent news article claims many people you suppose are friends to be. Crumbs.

I forgot to go to a wedding shower last night. Whoops. I hope I remember to send the bride and groom the gift card I had planned to give them. My mom and I drove to Charlotte, NC, yesterday for a surprise birthday party for my aunt. It was nice seeing a goodly portion of my father's side of the family gathered for such a happy occasion. But I was so exhausted that I slept all the way home, and shortly after walking in the door, I went to bed for the night. The upside was, for once, I was on time to both Sunday school and church this morning, since I woke up early.

I had been texting with a friend in Thailand during my sleepless Friday night, and Mona, who just moved to South Korea, has phoned a couple of times since arriving in Jeju, so I don't feel completely marooned (and hopefully she doesn't, either, what with being many miles from home). The girl in Thailand is the goddess from CELTA last summer--one of the best language teachers I've seen or heard. If I can be, someday, as half as good as she is at spawning student discussion and explaining grammar in clear, concise terms, I think I will consider myself to have arrived. Our former classmates are spread out all over the world – one is in Vietnam, one remains in the Czech Republic, one is in Spain, one is in Canada, one is in Brazil, and one is dividing her time between Istanbul and Italy. Theoretically, I'm supposed to start a Masters in teaching program this fall (I postponed it twice while getting acclimated to my new job), but we'll see if that actually comes to pass. If I were to become a certified teacher, I would learn much more than I do as an editor, and also have health insurance, which is something to consider at my middle-age. However, as with most things, I may have already priced myself out of the education market, because considering my degrees, a state school system would be required to pay me more than they would the average young person straight out of college with a bachelors in education.

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