Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sleepless (And Not Yet) In Seattle

I need to make better use of my insomnia. Instead of watching random cat videos, googling various very pretty male K-drama stars, puttering around Instagram cat feeds (yes, there's a feline theme to my obsessions--one could argue that the guyliner-sporting Hallyu idols incarnate the best human cat-eyes on the planet) and other entertaining but wasteful time-sucks that only contribute to my wakefulness, I could be writing! At least that would exercise my brain in a constructive manner.

Trixie is conked out on the ottoman. She doesn't sleep with me, but she sleeps near me. When I shower, she tucks herself into a neat striped cat loaf on the bathroom tile floor and then greets me with a silent meow when I emerge. She is just making sure I survive this peculiar nightly ritual which she does not understand, and of which she does not approve. Monday, I had to take her back to the vet, as I found she had barfed on the (happily removable and washable) cover of the aforementioned ottoman, leaving a parasite remnant. Of course, this happened Friday night, leaving me the whole weekend to fear that I might have been infected as well. Unlikely, the vet told me. This was a leftover from Trixie's feral days, and a single injection promised to set things to rights. I was much calmer on this visit to the animal hospital, although I can't say that Trixie enjoyed herself any more than last time.

I'm working on my third Chinese writer in as many weeks. "Chubanshe" means "publisher" or "press," and so we needn't include that transliteration in our lists of sources. "Wenye" is "literature."
And the standard spelling of the capital of Taiwan is "Taibei," which is much closer to the actual pronunciation than the old English spelling with a P.

Less than a week until I fly to Korea. I hope I can sleep on the long Seattle-Seoul hop.

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