Friday, November 25, 2016

Hot News

The end of November and I just put my air conditioning on because it is too warm to sleep, and not cool enough outdoors to make opening the windows useful. And no, I am not having a hot flash.

My background check came back apostilled from the State Department today. Tomorrow my documents shall be sent to the hagwon in Jeju. I am nervous and excited at the possibilities of the next month. Il is peculiar to think that I could be settling overseas in five weeks, just casually tossing items into a couple of bags and moving to the other side of the world. But because of South Korea's amenities, it's not like I have to pack a safari trunk. If I forget something, I will just go to a store and buy it. I shan't be beating my laundry on rocks in a stream, as my former art teacher had to do when she visited the country back in the early 1970s.

Yesterday, my paternal extended family's Thanksgiving celebration was in North Carolina. With me being the sole representative from my immediate family, were 30 people there, only two of whom weren't relatives, including a delightful young lady from Russia, the best friend of one of my cousins. I understood 90-95% of what she said in Russian, but my tongue was like lead, and I just couldn't make the words come out in response. Her English was as good as mine, and I awkwardly responded to her Russian remarks in English. She's a good cook--she added shchi and baked apples to the smorgasbord we assembled. Daddy would have loved it.

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