Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It Pressed Out Clear

...or such was the pithy assessment that the radiologist gave of my second mammogram in three weeks on the morning of my 42nd birthday, Monday. Pressed, mashed--if you flatten something sufficiently, it does become translucent. I wasn't concerned by the need for a second test, as if they had found something truly to worry about, surely they would have scheduled it much sooner (though I did find it just a wee bit tacky that they picked that particular day). However, the bill for this visit is to be paid out of my own shallow pocket, and that has driven me into the bosom of one last estate sale before the end of the year.

My uncle and I weren't planning to do another estate sale in 2016, but before we finished the last one, he got called by a former client, whom he has known for many years. Her sister died suddenly in September, and the family needs to liquidate the estate as soon as possible-- the house is still mortgaged and payments are having to come out of the surviving siblings' pockets. And I need to do the sale prior to the holidays because of my lurking medical bills and the prospect of being in Korea penniless for two months before my first teaching paycheck comes through.

I haven't had my visa interview yet--my documents are all in a packet on their way to Jeju, but thus far all systems are "go" for my beginning my contract there on January 2. My one friend who worked at the school assured me that barring some catastrophe, it is highly likely that I will be moving over there in just four weeks--"if they want you, they'll get you there," OCD or not. In fact, Mona, my friend currently at the school, called me this evening at work to tell me that the school director was possessed of the notion that I would be over there for the last week of December! No can do, I told her, and emailed him that I was subscribed to my current employer through the end of the year (which I had mentioned before...). I certainly won't have time to pack or turn around properly until that final week of this year--although I have heard that usually my boss releases everyone for the week between Christmas and New Year's, it is by no means required of him, and I don't have any other time to get my powers of attorney together, or house clean, or my consignment booth emptied, much less see Grandmommy. Particularly if my next three Saturdays are dedicated to organizing and running an estate sale!

Time is getting short. I have arranged, at least in theory, to be a part-time contract editor for my current employer. My boss said we would try it out to see how it worked. One of my two editor sunbaes (seniors) and I sat down this afternoon and divvied up the literary criticism entries for next year, so my assignments are neatly laid out for me. The stack of items I must take to Korea is already overflowing one of the armchairs in my living room. I have cleaned out my guest room so that Bella, who will be housesitting for me and caring for Trixie (for whom I just purchased another 9 catnip mice as an early Christmas present), can move in her own furniture. I have winnowed a handful of items from my closet, but I'm aghast at how many clothes there still are. What should I pack? I bought a stack of Korean vocabulary cards, a shower curtain and a duvet cover, a reflective vest and a clothesline. And a kick scooter. It's collapsible. I think it won't strain my neck like a bicycle, since I don't have to lean over. I need a new pair of tennis shoes. And allergy medication. And powdered peanut butter. And new unmentionables. Gosh.

Nothing like a time crunch to encourage efficiency!

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Barbara said...

I'll be traveling some around Christmastime, but I hope I can be of some help to you in your many tasks before you leave...