Friday, May 12, 2017

White Hair

It was my fourth graders that pointed out today that while the top of my head is brown, my temples are white. But it was my seventh graders this afternoon who threatened to spread the plague of white hair all over my head.

Wednesday, I had discovered that only one of my eight seventh grade students had actually brought his notebook to class. So, I demanded that they all remember to bring them on Friday. I made sure they understood this, by having each of them individually repeat that they would bring their notebooks, so no one had an excuse. And three came without theirs today. And one of these had not only left his notebook at home, he had also left his textbook and workbook there. So, I marched all three boys downstairs to the first floor and had the male vice principal of the school talk to them about the necessity of bringing their school supplies. They lied boldfaced and told him today was the only time that they'd forgotten. I don't think he believed them. Only one had the courtesy to apologize to me once he returned upstairs.

The whole class derails if they don't have the notebooks: I have them write down the new vocabulary in them, and also an outline of the essay we've read. The kid who had left his book at home had the crust to assume that he would not have to do any work today. I quickly disabused him of this notion.

Today I also had to call out three separate boys in three separate classes about using the F-word. I told one that if he needed vocabulary to express himself, I would gladly supply alternant words. I think they think it's cool to swear. But not at school.

I'm still working on my post about my Seoul trip last week. Tuesday, which was a holiday for the special presidential election, I was supposed to hike Hallasan with a fellow teacher, but it rained. I rearranged my closet instead. Since Wednesday morning it has been blissfully quiet, with the music-blasting campaign trucks and corps of dancing singers having disappeared from the nearby roundabout. I'm fat. But fresh steamed bean buns are SO good. And I've started making bread in my top-of-the-line toaster oven...

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